About Me

Welcome! I'm Aaron Thomas and I'm passionate graphic designer from Sydney, NSW (Australia). I love design and sport, it's even better when the two merge. I have a Diploma of Graphic design with experience in design thinking and digital media from web to video production.

My work can be see here along with my portfolio. I have work spread across the internet including work on weststigers.com.au. I have experience in structured writing with Rugby League match reports and site moderation with League Unlimited.

If you have any questions, I can be reached on various social media networks here on my contact page.

What happened to azsportza?
azsportza was a brand I created around all my sporting works, in 2014, the brand was overtaken by a more personal self brand under my own name. The azsportza name will continue to exist on social media but rebranded with the new logo and typeface.